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RIDE About

In the Heart of the North Pennines, Allendale Brew Company Ltd, a craft micro brewery, produce award winning beers.
In the summer of 2019 we noticed an exciting new drink brewing! We were speaking to our friends in America and they told us about this new drink that was taking the U.S. by storm, Hard Seltzer. Having already heard about this exciting new drink, and with already being in the alcohol trade, we thought ‘we have to try them’ and we got them to send us some all the way from Florida.

We couldn’t get enough. Fruity alcoholic sparkling water, what’s not to like? It’s low calorie too!
We knew we had to try and make these drinks ourselves, but better! So we set off trialling different ways of producing them until we got it just how we wanted it. We spent many evenings tasting different flavours at home until we got it just right. We didn't want an artificial taste nor did we want to use anything artificial. And we got there in the end! A great tasting, natural drink that is refreshing and not at all sweet and sickly! Perfect!

We chose the name RIDE because it stands for everything we want the brand to be. A Ride is exciting, fun, health focused and enjoyable; to appeal to a new generation of drinkers who are enthusiastic about being at the forefront of new trends and fashions.

This is how Ride Drinks was born.
Ride Drinks are crafted and canned in small batches from our premises in the Heart of the Northumbrian Pennines, in the UK.
They are crisp, clean and incredibly refreshing. And only 86 calories in a 330ml can. Vegan, Gluten Free and guilt free! 

We are very passionate about sustainability, and are fortunate that we are able to produce and can all our drinks onsite in our brewery in Northumberland. This means less road miles! We also love how cans are so easy to recycle.